Residential Pressure Washing

Residential pressure washing is a powerful cleaning tool that can clean a wide variety of surfaces in your home. A gas or electric-powered pump forces water through a nozzle at high pressure to blast away dirt, mildew, and debris.

This Generac model offers a three-year warranty for non-commercial use and a 90-day warranty for professional use. It’s one of the few models to offer this level of protection for users. Read on to know more.


There are several variables that affect the cost of pressure washing. For instance, some surfaces may require special chemicals and higher water pressure than others, which can increase labor costs.

Additionally, it is important to find a professional contractor who is licensed, insured, and bonded. Ensure they use safe cleaning products that are environmentally friendly. It is also important to check their customer reviews.

In general, it can cost $150 – $750 to pressure wash the sidings of a one-story home. The cost can be significantly higher for two-story homes, as they will require more time and effort to clean. The cost of pressure washing also varies depending on the material of the exterior. Delicate materials like wood and stucco need to be washed at a lower pressure, while more durable materials such as brick or stone can be washed with a higher pressure. Additionally, the temperature of the water can also play a role in the cost. Warmer water can more easily dislodge stubborn stains.


Using a pressure washer to clean moss, dirt, grime, and other materials off structures such as buildings, outdoor equipment, and paved surfaces can be very effective and reduce the need for soap or chemicals. However, care must be taken to ensure that runoff from these surfaces does not enter storm drains. This may be accomplished by tarps, berms, or a plan to capture and transport wastewater for disposal.

Dirt, mildew, and other organisms can irritate and inflame the skin, eyes, respiratory system, or lungs of those who are exposed to them for long periods of time. Regular pressure washing of these organisms and their spores can help prevent them from forming, reducing health risks and creating a cleaner, safer living environment.

Pressure washing can also remove bug infestations such as spider webs, beehives, and wasp nests that are often found on the exterior of houses. This will help to eliminate the odors produced by these insects and deter them from laying eggs within your home.


Pressure washing requires a certain level of knowledge and skill to ensure that you aren’t damaging surfaces. Using too much pressure can ruin wood, damage concrete, or strip paint. You can also accidentally hit electrical wires or cause other damage if you aren’t careful.

The best way to protect yourself is to hire a professional who has experience and knows how to properly use a pressure washer. They will know how to adjust the nozzles, what type of water is needed for different materials and projects, and how much pressure is required for safe cleaning.

Pressure washing may seem like a discretionary task, but it is an important one. It removes mold and mildew, makes surfaces safer to walk on, and helps re-paint surfaces that are damaged by the elements. It also prevents vermin and bacteria from building up, which is good for the health of your family. And, it can help reduce the symptoms of allergies by removing built-up pollen. Check out this webpage.



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