Roof Cleaning

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Don't Replace Your Roof, RENEW  IT!

Tired of those ugly black streaks and roof stains from your house?  Well, we're here to tell you that we can safely remove those ugly stains and renew your roof. We can make your roof look new again for a fraction of what it would cost to replace it.

Those black stains on your roof are actually feeding off the granules and degrading the life of the shingle. Using a pump we apply our detergent to your roof with no pressure and within several minutes you will see the black stains disappear and the algae is removed from your shingles restoring its original color and look. There are no pressure washers used to clean your roof at any time so you can have that peace of mind knowing that there will be no damage done to your roof. All shingle manufacturers recommend cleaning your roof with low pressure in order to extend the longevity of your shingles. High pressure can create premature granule loss and exposure of the weathering layers of your shingle, along with many other destructive issues.

You may not think about roof cleaning services for your home, but insurance companies now say you should to avoid the loss of coverage. Cape Fear Pro Wash's cleaning services and maintenance programs will give you the peace of mind that your big investment is not in jeopardy of becoming uninsured.


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