Wilmington Gutter Cleaning Services

A gutter system is a connection of pipes and tubes that run along the roof of your house. The gutter’s job is to catch the rain that rolls off of the roof top. The pipes then transport the rain water to a safe disposal area.

Without a gutter system, the roof of your house and the siding of your house would suffer from severe water damage. Unfortunately, rain water is not the only thing gutters can collect. Over time gutters can collect particles such as leafs, twigs, small branches and other harmful material. This causes your gutter system to clog and over flow during heavy rain storms which can create damage to your house or gutters .

Cleaning out a gutter system is a dirty, dangerous, time consuming chore, and without the proper equipment the job could go on for days. Our professionals offer an excellent gutter cleaning service all at a reasonable price. We will remove all debris from your gutters & downspouts, flush your gutters to ensure their is proper flow, inspect your gutter hardware for any broken pieces & clear your roof valleys of any built of debris on pine needles and leaves. Hiring a professional to handle your gutters will save you money in the long run and lot of stress and heartache.



Why Is Gutter Cleaning Important?

Often forgotten about, the gutters of your Wilmington, NC home or business play a critical role in protecting your building from the elements. Although “out of sight out of mind”, cleaning your gutters on a regular basis is an important aspect of home maintenance that shouldn’t be ignored.

Gutters Perform an Important Function

When it storms, gutters allow rainwater to drain off of a roof in a controlled, efficient and effective manner. If a gutter is not properly cleaned, a homeowner can encounter the following issues:

  • Water damage to the home
  • Foundation issues
  • Roof damage and wear
  • Washed-out landscaping
  • And more…

To avoid racking up costly repairs and headaches by hiring a professional to regularly inspect and clean your gutters, especially before and after big storms.


How Often Does a Gutter Need to Be Cleaned?

How often your gutter needs to be cleaned depends largely on your home, type of gutters, the weather, and other factors such as the types of trees and debris that you encounter regularly.

Although twice a year is the recommended maintenance schedule, this may vary, so be sure to discuss to your gutter cleaning professional what their recommendation is for follow-ups. We can also come out for “emergency” cleaning in the event that you notice overflow or improper drainage.

If you only clean your gutters once a year, the best time to clean is generally in the spring, when trees are budding, and the fall, when leaves are falling. Trust your expert team at Cape Fear Pro Wash to clean your gutters quickly and effectively.


Do Not Rely on Leaf Guards

Leaf guards are a good tool for lowering the amount of leaves that make their way into a gutter, but they are not a foolproof method for completely stopping debris from clogging up your system. In some cases, depending on the type of debris, angle of wind and more, they can even contribute to gutters clogging up faster.


Pros of Leaf Guards 

  • Less maintenance - You will need maintenance less often, but it is still important to perform a yearly check, with maintenance occurring every one to three years.
  • Cleaner gutters - The quality of your leaf cover will matter here. Expect about 15 to 20 percent of your debris to still get in your guard.


Cons of Leaf Guards

  • You cannot remove the leaf guard yourself to perform a maintenance check. You will need a professional to remove the guard to perform checks.
  • A good leaf guard is an expensive investment. Plan to spend $1500 to $2500.
  • Yards with many trees will still need maintenance on a regular basis.


Why Do I Need A Professional Gutter Cleaner?

Is it possible to do gutter cleaning by yourself? With the right ladder and tools, of course. It is also dangerous? You bet! Soft soil can make it difficult to place a ladder and leaning a ladder on your gutter is unstable and dangerous.

In fact, falls from ladders are responsible for over 240,000 hospital visits a year Do not take unnecessary risks! Why take the risk when you can hire a professional?

Going with a pro also saves you time, hassle and aggravation. Call us today and let Cap Fear Pro Wash do the heavy lifting and climbing.


Cape Fear Pro Wash Can Clean Your Wilmington NC Gutters with Ease

When looking for a trustworthy company that will get the job done right for a fair price, look no further than Cape Fear Pro Wash. Our veteran-owned business takes pride in quality work. Our military background ensures attention to detail and pride-filled service.

Take back your gutters today with quality bi-annual maintenance. We can help you survey your property and determine the best plan for your yard. We look forward to working with you!