Specialized Roof Cleaning: Membrane Roofs

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Invaluable Asset

Membrane roofing is an invaluable asset for homes and buildings in North Carolina. The technology enables your roof to remain leak-free for decades, and the synthetic material is virtually foolproof in accomplishing this goal.
But, like any type of roofing, membrane roofs are only as effective as they are well-maintained. Cape Fear Pro Wash provides specialized roof cleaning services that will keep the upper layer of your home durable and reliable for years to come. We work with all kinds of membrane roofing - from TPO to EPDM - so you can rest assured that you always have an expert with Cape Fear Pro Wash.

Meticulous and Thorough Approach

Our team uses a unique blend of cleaning detergents to remove buildup such as dirt, bird droppings, mold, and other debris. We accomplish this by using superior soft wash equipment and a specialized technique. It’s important that you only trust trained specialists, such as the Cape Fear Pro Wash team, to attend to your membrane roofing. If done improperly, maintenance could do your roofing more harm than good. We put the quality of your membrane roof first through a meticulous and thorough approach.

With professional attention from Cape Fear Pro Wash, your membrane roof will maintain its reflectivity and durability. As a result, it will deflect heat and keep you warm and dry when the rain clouds roll in.
Invest in the long life and durability of your membrane roofing and get your free estimate from Cape Fear Pro Wash today! Our technicians are Nationally Certified through the UAMCC in Roof Cleaning and Safety.


Membrane Roofing Cleaning
Membrane Roofing Cleaning