What Is the Soft Wash Process?

Power Washing

You may have heard of power washing or pressure washing, but do you know about the soft washing process? This method is a gentler way to clean the outside of your home than other methods, but it still gets the job done.Plus, we like to send a representative to come take a look at your property and explain what is best for it. Let’s dive into the details of this revolutionary process!

What Makes Soft Washing Different?
Soft washing utilizes special products rather than pressure to clean your home’s exterior. The product is applied with no more water pressure than what comes out of a garden hose. This helps make sure that no damage or wear and tear happens to your home during the cleaning process. In fact, many paint companies recommend soft washing as opposed to power washing because it can help preserve their product over time.

How Does It Work?
We start off by sending a representative to your house for a 15-minute meeting where they will take a look at the property and explain what is best for it. After that, we cover any electrical outlets, doorbells, and cameras so the cleaning process won’t damage them. Then our technicians will rinse down any vegetation that may be nearby before beginning their work on the house itself. Once they start, they will apply the product to the house and then rinse it off with light water pressure from a garden hose. Finally, our technicians will check over everything to your satisfaction and leave everything as neat as when they arrived—but much cleaner!

Soft washing is an innovative approach that doesn’t rely on high pressure sprayers to get your home looking spotless again. Our representatives provide personalized service tailored to each property, so you can rest assured knowing that your home is in good hands. Whether you have never heard of soft washing or are already familiar with its advantages and benefits, this method could be just what you need for maximum results without sacrificing safety or quality! So why wait any longer? Reach out to Cape Fear Pro Wash today and find out how our soft wash process can help get your property looking its best!

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