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Exterior Building Cleaning in Wilmington

A good industrial business brings a lot to a community. It can provide several different jobs to residents of a town. It can provide a unique service or product to an area. But all of these good things can be forgotten, if the exterior of your industrial property makes the neighborhood look trashy. Cape Fear Pro Wash can handle the exterior building cleaning of any industrial property. Our building cleaning service will have your industrial property looking brand new. We have the training and proper skills to safely clean any type of exterior without damaging the building or the building’s paint job.

Cape Fear Pro Wash has highly trained professional cleaners, who will use a soft wash process on the exterior of your building. When it comes to industrial cleaning of your property, our soft wash is the best in the area. It involves using a chemical solution, which is environmentally friendly. This solution is applied to all areas of the industrial building, and it is allowed to sink into every crack and pore in the siding of your commercial business. It will eat away at mold, dirt and mildew.

Once the time is up, a low pressured washing system is used to rinse the solution off of the industrial property. We use a low pressure system so the disposal rate of the water doesn’t damage the siding of your business. When it comes to pressure, it is considered one step high than a regular water hose. This removes all of the dirt, mold and soil from your siding and leaves you with a shiny, newer looking industrial building. With our exterior building cleaning services, we also use a power washing system to clean tougher surfaces such as walkways, sidewalks, patios and any concrete areas. This will dramatically improve the exterior appearance of your commercial business.

Cape Fear Pro Wash knows the importance of providing you with a superior building cleaning service without affecting the day to day life of your business. Our professional workers follow strict safety guidelines and respect all laws and regulations. We guarantee that your service will be completed on time, within the set budget and in a professional manner. You can trust Cape Fear Pro Wash to have your industrial property looking brand new.


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