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A good industrial business brings a lot to a community. It can provide several different jobs to residents of a town. It can provide a unique service or product to an area. But all of these good things can be forgotten, if the exterior of your industrial property makes the neighborhood look trashy. Cape Fear Pro Wash can handle the exterior building cleaning of any industrial property. Our building cleaning service will have your industrial property looking brand new. We have the training and proper skills to safely clean any type of exterior without damaging the building or the building’s paint job.

Cape Fear Pro Wash has highly trained professional cleaners, who will use a soft wash process on the exterior of your building. When it comes to industrial cleaning of your property, our soft wash is the best in the area. It involves using a chemical solution, which is environmentally friendly. This solution is applied to all areas of the industrial building, and it is allowed to sink into every crack and pore in the siding of your commercial business. It will eat away at mold, dirt and mildew.

Once the time is up, a low pressured washing system is used to rinse the solution off of the industrial property. We use a low pressure system so the disposal rate of the water doesn’t damage the siding of your business. When it comes to pressure, it is considered one step high than a regular water hose. This removes all of the dirt, mold and soil from your siding and leaves you with a shiny, newer looking industrial building. With our exterior building cleaning services, we also use a power washing system to clean tougher surfaces such as walkways, sidewalks, patios and any concrete areas. This will dramatically improve the exterior appearance of your commercial business.

Cape Fear Pro Wash knows the importance of providing you with a superior building cleaning service without affecting the day to day life of your business. Our professional workers follow strict safety guidelines and respect all laws and regulations. We guarantee that your service will be completed on time, within the set budget and in a professional manner. You can trust Cape Fear Pro Wash to have your industrial property looking brand new.


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Valerie Kaye

Exterior Cleaning In Wilmington

5 stars are not enough! I received an immediate response to my request for an estimate. Inspection for estimate was scheduled as soon as my schedule would permit. Tech arrived on time, was personable, professional and detailed in his explanation about his suggestions on what should/could be done. The estimate was a little higher than the competition but I liked the technique he described better than the competition. And the work result was FANTASTIC……I am amazed at how great my house, my driveway and sidewalk look. The ‘gentle wash’ did a terrific job without ripping the siding off the house! I will never use another company again. HATS OFF TO CAPE FEAR PRO WASH!!

unnamed 5

Celeste Jablonski

Exterior Cleaning Wilmington

Very professional operation. The estimator came out and emailed a list of services offered and the cost for each service. Then called a few days later to answer questions. When I picked power washing only, she did not try to up sale me. Appointment was made and received email confirmation along with description of exactly what would be done and what I needed to do to prepare. Fifteen minutes prior to the appointment, received a text that they were on their way. Arrived exactly at appointment time. Did a great job and my house looks so nice. I will definitely use Cape Fear Pressure Washing company again.

Review Face 7

Kelye Unger

Exterior Cleaning In Wilmington NC

My go to company for all my power washing needs. I don’t do many reviews, but this company stands out to me. I love that they are local, I love the quick response, the customer service and the professionalism. I scheduled my house to be power washed. I contacted them on Monday, scheduled it Tuesday for the following Monday then got a call Wednesday that they had an opening. 48 from contact to job completion!!! JC is awesome and super friendly. Asha is a hoot and a pleasure to talk to and the crew is on time, loves dogs and takes time to hear your needs/concerns. Overall 10 stars in my book, it’s my go to local business. Thanks so much to all of you, my house is clean again

Frequently Asked Exterior Cleaning Questions

We service a wide range of surfaces at Cape Fear Pro Wash. There’s nothing we can’t accomplish when it comes to the outside of your home. We pressure wash a variety of materials, including your roof, decking, home exterior, gutters, fencing, paving, driveway, patio, and more. If you don’t see anything here that applies to your surface at home; just give us a call and we’ll talk about whatever pressure washing services you need because we’re sure we can manage it.

Pressure washing is not advised on porous, vertical surfaces like your home’s sides. If this method of house washing is done, there’s a chance that water would be trapped under the siding. As a consequence, there’s a chance of significant damage and expensive repair expenses. That’s why our soft washing approach is the right choice for your home.

Rather than utilizing high-pressure cleaning, our roof cleaning in Wilmington NC is done with soft washing, a gentle approach that is best suited for delicate surfaces like roofs. It utilizes a mix of low-pressure and strong cleaning chemicals to give an absolutely clean environment without causing harm to your roof. Everything is also environmentally friendly.

Gutter cleaning is essential in Wilmington, as blocked gutters can lead to water accumulating inside them, causing damage to your roof. If they do become clogged, there’s a good chance that water will accumulate inside them and cause damage to your roof. Repairs for this type of damage are often very costly.

We offer illumination decorations for your home as well as landscaping alternatives so you may pick whether to have lights on just your property, only your garden, or both. We’d also be glad to talk with you about design possibilities, styles available, or assist you in any decisions that you’re having trouble making. Simply give us a call and we can help you make additional progress.

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