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Is your home beginning to be a drab to look at? Over time, algae and all sorts of a grime begin to build up on the exterior of your home, causing it to look old and weathered. The moist air here in Richlands, NC is the perfect breeding ground for algae to spread and overtake your beautiful home. There’s no need to worry, however, you are just one click away from revitalizing your home and making it look new again! With our various pressure washing services we can turn your grime into shine! Our professional pressure washing can cover every aspect of your home, from the first step of your driveway, all the way up to the very peaks of your roof, we are able to pressure wash every square inch of your property.

About Our Richlands Pressure Washing Company

Cape Fear pressure washing is a veteran owned small family business, offering all kinds of pressure washing services in the Richlands area. We started our pressure washing company to serve our Richlands residents and keep our neighborhoods looking beautiful. We place a high emphasis on educating our clients about our pressure washing services and how to keep their properties looking clean all year long. When hiring a veteran-owned pressure washing service you can know for certain you are going to receive a meticulous and detailed cleaning. We don’t cut any corners; our mission is to serve our clients with integrity and provide the best pressure washing there is in Richlands. If you are not completely satisfied with our pressure washing service then you don’t have to pay us a dime, that’s just how we do business.

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Our Various Home Improving Pressure Washing Services

Driveway And Sidewalk Cleaning

The fastest and easiest way to spruce up your home and increase curb appeal is to get your driveways and sidewalks pressure washed. Having dirt, oil and algae stains plaguing your driveways or walkways can make your home uninviting and probably an eye sore within your Richlands neighborhood. We can solve this problem for you in just a short couple of hours at your home. Our pressure washing can quickly remove years of dirt and stains from any of your concrete surfaces at your home. We can pressure your driveway as well as any other pavements on the side or back of your home. If you’re getting ready to have a party or sell your home call us right away at (910) 685-2545 so we can have every inch of your property looking fantastic.

Wilmington Pressure Washing concrete cleaning

House Washing

Your home is probably the most expensive thing in your life, but also the one thing that brings you the most joy. At Cape Fear Pressure Washing, we love to help Richlands residents enjoy their home to the fullest, while also protecting their investment, by keeping the exterior of their home in excellent condition. Our low pressure washing service can remove years of algae stains from your home. For homeowners interested in selling their home, a house wash should be at the top of your to-do list. A simple and affordable low pressure washing service of your home can help you sell your house faster and for thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars more than you would with without washing it. For Richlands residents who want to smile every time they pull into their driveway looking at their beautiful and clean home we recommend our annual house washing service. Our annual house washing service will prevent damage to your home’s building material and paint while also keeping it looking new year after year.

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Roof Cleaning

If you notice black streaks or algae on top of your roof, give us a call right away at (910) 685-2545 for roof cleaning. The humid climate of Richlands causes for algae, lichen and moss to grow rampantly on your home, especially on your roof. If you are noticing any signs of this you will want to act right away! These organisms are eating away at your roof and can cause serious damage, resulting in tens of thousands of dollars wasted on roof repair or replacement. You can avoid all of these worries and costs with a low pressure washing service. Our pressure washing service is performed safely and in many cases from the ground, that’s right we don’t have to stress you out by being up on your roof the whole time. We can cover your roof with our cleaning detergents from the ground with our state-of-the-art low pressure washing techniques. Continue reading to see what sets our pressure washing service a part from many others in Richlands.
Wilmington power washing

Soft Washing Sets Us A Part

Unlike other Richlands pressure washing companies that rely only upon brute force pressure washing tactics, we implement low pressure washing and soft washing solutions. Our low pressure washing techniques allow us to wash your home or roof safely, and without any worry of damaging your home. The shingles and tiles on your roof as well as the vinyl and stucco siding on your home are all delicate, and vulnerable to damage, if improper pressure washing techniques are used. Instead of high pressure washing we utilize the power of professional cleaning detergents, as well as super-heated water to effectively remove all grime from your roof of siding. Using high pressure washing on your home or roof can leave streaks and even worse, cause permanent damage. Call us at (910) 685-2545 to request a careful and meticulous, low pressure washing service for your home today.

Why Choose Our Richlands Pressure Washing Service?

The reason we provide pressure washing is because we want Richlands residents to enjoy their homes to the fullest. While providing that joy, we also want to ensure your peace of mind! Many companies can provide cheaper, yet inferior cleaning services. These inferior pressure washing services will not provide you with a complete clean and can even cause harm to your home. We never want you to experience that kind of stressful pressure washing service. That is why we pledge to provide nothing but the best to all of our Richlands clients. We will provide you the best pressure washing service available on the market or we won’t charge you a dime. That’s right, if you’re not completely satisfied with our pressure washing we will refund all of your money.

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Valerie Kaye

Exterior Cleaning In Wilmington

5 stars are not enough! I received an immediate response to my request for an estimate. Inspection for estimate was scheduled as soon as my schedule would permit. Tech arrived on time, was personable, professional and detailed in his explanation about his suggestions on what should/could be done. The estimate was a little higher than the competition but I liked the technique he described better than the competition. And the work result was FANTASTIC……I am amazed at how great my house, my driveway and sidewalk look. The ‘gentle wash’ did a terrific job without ripping the siding off the house! I will never use another company again. HATS OFF TO CAPE FEAR PRO WASH!!

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Celeste Jablonski

Exterior Cleaning Wilmington

Very professional operation. The estimator came out and emailed a list of services offered and the cost for each service. Then called a few days later to answer questions. When I picked power washing only, she did not try to up sale me. Appointment was made and received email confirmation along with description of exactly what would be done and what I needed to do to prepare. Fifteen minutes prior to the appointment, received a text that they were on their way. Arrived exactly at appointment time. Did a great job and my house looks so nice. I will definitely use Cape Fear Pressure Washing company again.

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Kelye Unger

Exterior Cleaning In Wilmington NC

My go to company for all my power washing needs. I don’t do many reviews, but this company stands out to me. I love that they are local, I love the quick response, the customer service and the professionalism. I scheduled my house to be power washed. I contacted them on Monday, scheduled it Tuesday for the following Monday then got a call Wednesday that they had an opening. 48 from contact to job completion!!! JC is awesome and super friendly. Asha is a hoot and a pleasure to talk to and the crew is on time, loves dogs and takes time to hear your needs/concerns. Overall 10 stars in my book, it’s my go to local business. Thanks so much to all of you, my house is clean again

Frequently Asked Exterior Cleaning Questions

We service a wide range of surfaces at Cape Fear Pro Wash. There’s nothing we can’t accomplish when it comes to the outside of your home. We pressure wash a variety of materials, including your roof, decking, home exterior, gutters, fencing, paving, driveway, patio, and more. If you don’t see anything here that applies to your surface at home; just give us a call and we’ll talk about whatever pressure washing services you need because we’re sure we can manage it.

Pressure washing is not advised on porous, vertical surfaces like your home’s sides. If this method of house washing is done, there’s a chance that water would be trapped under the siding. As a consequence, there’s a chance of significant damage and expensive repair expenses. That’s why our soft washing approach is the right choice for your home.

Rather than utilizing high-pressure cleaning, our roof cleaning in Wilmington NC is done with soft washing, a gentle approach that is best suited for delicate surfaces like roofs. It utilizes a mix of low-pressure and strong cleaning chemicals to give an absolutely clean environment without causing harm to your roof. Everything is also environmentally friendly.

Gutter cleaning is essential in Wilmington, as blocked gutters can lead to water accumulating inside them, causing damage to your roof. If they do become clogged, there’s a good chance that water will accumulate inside them and cause damage to your roof. Repairs for this type of damage are often very costly.

We offer illumination decorations for your home as well as landscaping alternatives so you may pick whether to have lights on just your property, only your garden, or both. We’d also be glad to talk with you about design possibilities, styles available, or assist you in any decisions that you’re having trouble making. Simply give us a call and we can help you make additional progress.

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