Light Up Your Christmas Without the Stress

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There are few things more magical at Christmas than switching on your Christmas lights for the first time. You’ve patiently untangled the ball of lights that have been sitting in the garage for months, you’ve painstakingly planned out the design to ensure your lights will be the best in the neighborhood and you’ve spent hours laying out your lights to perfection.

It’s finally time to gather the family around. You can’t wait to see their little faces lit up with the beautiful rainbow of festive colors you have lovingly created for them. They have waited all year for this moment. They look up with baited breath and all hold hands as you reach for the switch and flick it to the on position. And then, nothing. Darkness. The silence hangs in the air for a few seconds before everybody trudges back inside to the warmth, groaning as they go.

Don’t let this be your Christmas story this year, not when you can outsource your Christmas lights extravaganza to the professionals.

The All-Inclusive Christmas Lights Package

An all-inclusive Christmas light package from Cape Fear Pro Wash takes care of your Christmas light show for you. We offer this service for both residential and commercial customers and can customize our service to suit your exact needs. Whether you are looking for a light show for your store that synchronizes to music or you simply want to create a magical winter wonderland that makes the neighbors green with envy, we have a package to suit your needs.

There are many benefits to choosing a Christmas lights package with Cape Fear Pro Wash, including:

Your ideas brought to life – It’s one thing to have an idea, but it’s another thing to make it happen. That’s where our lighting designers can help. We can bring your vision to life or give you lots of inspiration on how to create the best effects.

Commercial-grade LED lighting – We use brand new commercial-grade LED lights, so you can kiss goodbye to hunting for that one blown bulb that takes your entire light show with it. Our lights are reliable, durable and most importantly, emit the most beautiful, colorful and bright light.

Your lights expertly installed – Once you have chosen your light design, we will get to work on arranging your light installation for you. We work to the highest safety standards and will test your lights thoroughly to ensure nothing goes wrong during the big switch-on.

Christmas lights on your schedule – With our timer scheduling programs, you can choose what time and for how long your Christmas lights are on. Driving back home after a long day at work to the welcoming twinkle of a thousand Christmas lights is a great way to put the smile back on your face.

Maintenance – If you experience any problems with your Christmas lights at any time, we will arrange for one of our technicians to call at your convenience to rectify the problem.

Expert removal and storage – Once the holidays are over, we’ll arrange complete removal of your lights, leaving your property in the same condition it was before your lights were installed. We’ll also store your lights for you so that you don’t have to worry about a tangled mass of wires once the holidays come back around. Simply let us know when you’re ready for installation, and we’ll work our magic again.

To find out more about our Christmas lights design, installation, removal, and storage services, get in touch with the team at Cape Fear Pro Wash.

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