Christmas Lights Installation

Christmas Lights Installation

As the holiday season approaches, you want to make your home festive for visitors and neighbors. During this time of year, Cape Fear Pro Wash offers professional installation for Christmas lights. Instead of spending a lot of time and energy installing lights on your home, leave the job to professionals.

Cape Fear Pro Wash Provides Custom Christmas Light Designs

Your holiday lights should say something unique about your family. If you have a design idea, Cape Fear Pro Wash can incorporate your thoughts into your Christmas light installation. If you want more guidance, you can talk to professional lighting designers to make your home look spectacular.

Stay Safe This Holiday Season

Each year, about 500,000 thousand Americans fall from ladders. You don’t have to put your safety at risk while hanging Christmas lights on your house.

Cape Fear Pro Wash follows a safety protocol that prevents employees from falling off ladders and roofs. The company has honed its approach over years of service, so you know that the people installing your lights will stay safe on your property.

If someone does get hurt, Cape Fear Pro Wash’s insurance protects you from responsibility.

Keep Your Lights Festive All Season

Weather and mechanical issues can damage holiday lights. Even professionals that know how to install lights securely can’t guarantee 100% success. If your lights fall or stop shining, Cape Fear Pro Wash will send a team to your house to solve the problem.

With experts on call, you don’t need to worry that a storm will affect your holiday cheer for long.

Removing Christmas Lights at the Season’s End

When the holiday season ends, you want your lights to come down promptly. You don’t want to become that neighbor who leaves the lights up well into the new year.

Cape Fear Pro Wash provides light removal services that will return your home to its original state.

You don’t even have to worry about storing the lights until next year. Cape Fear Pro Wash will take the lights and store them until you need them, again.

Get a free Christmas lights installation estimate by calling Cape Fear Pro Wash at 910-685-2545 or visiting the website’s Free Estimate page.