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Commercial Pressure Washing Wilmington, NC

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For all your exterior commercial cleaning services, Cape Fear Pro Wash is your First Choice! We offer pressure washing, window cleaning, concrete cleaning, gutter cleaning, membrane roof cleaning, tile roof cleaning, asphalt shingle roof cleaning, metal roof cleaning, drive thru cleaning and more. We can safely clean up to 5 stories from the ground without a ladder using our low pressure cleaning methods. The property below was cleaned using only low pressure to ensure no damage to the property. Companies that rely on high pressure to clean are using outdated methods and can create damage to your property



commercial pressure washing wilmington, nc Commercial power washing Wilmington, NC










Cape Fear Pro Wash is a Veteran Owed/Family Operated business with over 15 years of service. Our technicians are Nationally certified in Roof Cleaning and Safety, setting the standards when cleaning your property. We are now offering Commercial Holiday Lighting installation, call today to get your properties lit up this year!

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Pressure Washing Wilmington, NC

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With the holidays right around the corner, now is the time to get your house cleaned before you hang all those decorations. Cape Fear Pro Wash offers low pressure house washing to safely remove those stains from your house in Wilmington, NC and surrounding areas. .

pressure washing wilmington nc


power washing wilmington nc











Many pressure washing companies will rely on pressure to clean your house which is unsafe and will cause damage to your siding, window screens, windows or other property. Despite the name, pressure washing or power washing, our technicians use ONLY LOW PRESSURE when cleaning to eliminate the chance of causing damage. We rely on our detergents to safely remove all stains from your house and not the pressure of the water. We can safely clean up to 5 stories from the ground without a ladder using our low pressure cleaning methods.

Cape Fear Pro Wash is a Veteran Owned/Family Operated local business, we have 0ver 15 years of experience and all our services come with 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. Call today to schedule your cleaning in Wilmington, NC before you hang your lights this year! We now offer Holiday Lighting or Christmas Light installation. 910-650-7178

Solar Panel Cleaning Wilmington NC

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Solar panel cleaning is an essential component of any solar maintenance program. Dirty panels produce up to 30% efficiency is lost when dirty. Cape Fear Pro Wash will safely clean your panels, allowing them to perform efficiently. Regular washing will stop ‘solar clouding’ so your system will produce more for longer therefore having regular solar panel cleaning will maintain your warranty.

Our process is safe and effective when cleaning your investment.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Hurricane Matthew Gutter Clean Out!

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Stay grounded this year and let Cape Fear Pro Wash clean your gutters for you. After having Hurricane Matthew come through the area, a lot of debris from trees is probably on your roof and in your gutter. A clean gutter will allow water to flow properly away from your residence avoiding the possibility of water damage. Our trained technicians will safely remove all debris from your gutters, flush your downspouts to ensure there are no clogs and check your gutters for any leaks or broken hardware.


Cape Fear Pro Wash is Wilmington NC First Choice when it comes to gutter cleaning.


The process is simple and easy and all our work is 100% guaranteed. Schedule your free estimate today.

Professional gutter cleaning

Wilmington, NC Christmas Light Installation

Christmas Light Installation!

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Cape Fear Pro Wash, Your First Choice when it comes to Christmas Light Installation.

Stop worrying about untangling last years mess or replacing broken bulbs that you cant find. Cape Fear Pro Wash offers professional, custom led light installation for your home or business.

The process is easy:

Design: First we will design a custom light layout for you to fit your needs! You can choose from an elegant roof line layout to tree wraps and window trims. Your house will be unique this year after we are finished.

Install: Our professional installers will safely hang commercial grade LED lights for you. All lights will be brand new and custom measured and cut to fit YOUR house. We’ll program your lights for you,  therefore you have nothing to worry about.

Storage: The worst part about putting up lights is taking them down at the end of the season. It’s usually cold, lights get tangled and caught on branches and they just sit in the box until next year where you hope they will all work when you pull them back out. Once the Holiday season is over, we will come back and remove and store everything for you until next year.  No more worrying about where to store them or if they will work again.  Cape Fear Pro Wash will handle all your removal and storage needs.
Cape Fear Pro Wash is Wilmington’s ONLY Holiday Light installers.

Call today to schedule your free estimate and let us light this Holiday up for you. All installations before November 20, 2016 will receive at 15% discount.



Professional Holiday Light Installation

Spring Cleaning To-Do List: Gutter Cleaning

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Don’t Put Gutter Cleaning on you DIY List

Chris House 013Is your spring cleaning list getting longer and longer? We know the feeling. And while gutter cleaning deserves a coveted space at the top of the list, it comes with a hearty dose of silver lining: You don’t have to (and shouldn’t!) do it yourself.

North Carolina goes through a lot of weather fluctuations in the course of the year. And your home has to deal with a lot of different elements. By the time springtime comes around, virtually all gutters bear evidence of this exposure to the elements. Dirt, pollen, leaves, mold, mildew, and more aren’t just an eyesore… They prevent your gutters from working properly.

“Rain Rain Go Away”

And here’s where the issue comes in. North Carolina springtime get its fair share of rain storms. And if your gutters aren’t working properly, all of that rain is going to build up right along your exterior. That means that your siding, your foundation, your windows and your landscaping are all getting exposed to continuous water damage whenever the forecast is filled with showers.

Our convenient and affordable gutter cleaning service completely removes debris from your gutters, clears clogs, and leaves your gutters looking clean and curb appeal friendly. It’s a straightforward service, but the benefits will continue to pay off for years ahead.

This year, add ‘curb appeal’ and ‘long-term quality’ to your spring cleaning to-do list… and let Cape Fear Pro Wash check it off your list with our Wilmington gutter cleaning services!